Three phases of growth with Lyska Cloud

1. Phase

Little time & rapid growth

Be quick and invest as little as possible time and only as much money as needed before you start earning the first revenue. This phase will be the initial setup where we’re going to spin up all Lyska Cloud services tailored for you. This will include integrating your identity (Logo & Main Colors) and product data. Afterwards, you’re good to go and could already start increasing your revenue through your personal Lyska Cloud Store.

Besides a rapid possibility to start your revenue growth you will also provide your clients and users the opportunity to be a part of shaping the services they will be using as well as send in some highly valuable and most essential feedback about what they need. 

The sooner you release the sooner you can gather the valuable feedback of your clients as well as the money you were already spending could be paying off itself.

The initial setup will consist not only the technical but also the project and collaboration setup.

In addition: As long as phase 1 is not successfully completed, we will take over the license costs for you. So, don’t worry about a cost overflow we will have your back 💪🏼.

2. Phase

Most essentials

If you have requirements you and your clients can’t live without before actually releasing the store to your clients. The second phase is to implement these most essential features.

Our tip: Keep this phase as little as possible.

Your services, store, product will improve and develop continuously over the time. Every Feedback you gain will be an improvement for your services.

The scope of this phase will be according to the requirements you have and number of features you decided to put into this phase.

3. Phase


At the beginning we’re helping you and your team to cluster the features as good as possible into their importance to eliminate every none go live critical and decrease the release time instead of overloading the feature catalog.

Furthermore, there will be a time frame or micro phase called hyper care. The hyper care micro phase is a part of the 3. Phase and contains everything necessary to the most essential and exciting time after launch. If there is any hiccup, we will be there!

The last phase is actually the most crucial and will last as long as your ideas to improve your products flow.