Composable Commerce By Design

Flexible Commerce System

You decide! Either you simply pick from the set of already integrated systems, or we help you to integrate your existing systems and data. 

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Lyska Cloud was developed with the requirements of leading B2B merchants, directly on the market.

Composable Commerce
by design

Composable Commerce is a definition by Gartner and is based on the principle of „Best-of-Breed“. Lyska Cloud versetzt dich somit in die Lage, die richtigen Systeme für deine Anforderungen auswählen zu können, ohne Kompromisse eingehen zu müssen.

Simply choose from the systems already integrated or decide for yourself which systems are required for your application.

By 2023, organizations that have adopted a composable approach will outpace competition by 80% in the speed of new feature implementation.

Composable Commerce Must Be Adopted for the Future of Applications
Lyska Cloud Composable Commerce Architecture
Lyska Cloud B2B Storefront
Lyska Cloud B2B Commerce Storefront - (Multiuser) Benutzerverwaltung
Lyska Cloud B2B Storefront Category Page

First-class user experience

Whether B2B or B2C, the behavior of an online store's users and the associated demands are the same: a first-class, user-friendly shopping experience.

The challenge of a B2B platform is to meet the expectations and experiences of the users despite a more extensive and complex feature set.

We want to shop anywhere, anytime, in the most convenient and user-friendly way possible.

The variety of customer touchpoints in e-commerce has made this a reality. 

Realize your growth plans and ideas, without risk

Commerce projects can quickly become costly and time-consuming without knowing what the return on investment will be. We enable you to start small and integrate your systems seamlessly into your existing environment. On this basis you can grow, expand and modernize where it really matters.

1. Phase: Ready to launch

Your system out of the box. Customized to your business and already filled with your data and products. The most necessary to get started and already more than enough to generate revenue.

After phase 1 you are ready to go!

2. Phase: Most essentials

Your customers have individual system requirements that are indispensable?

Let's focus on the essentials together before you release your services to your customers.

3. Phase: Scale and innovate

The last phase is indeed the most important and will last as long as your ideas for improving your product last.

Your three phases of growth with Lyska Cloud

3 phases to make the future the present as quickly as possible.

Speed always wins

Sei schnell und investiere so wenig Zeit wie möglich und nur so viel Geld wie nötig, bevor du beginnst, die ersten Einnahmen zu erzielen.

The sooner you make your store or your customers' services available, the sooner you can gather valuable feedback and already generate sales. This way, your initial investment pays off quickly and finances further development.


Unsere B2B- und B2C-Features werden ständig erweitert und wurden auf Basis der Anforderungen führender B2B Fachhändlern, direkt am Markt entwickelt.

Our priority is to help you meet the needs of your customers and successfully scale your business. Just contact us, we'll be happy to show you what's possible.

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Individual prices and assortments

In B2B, individual prices and discounts are not uncommon. With the Lyska Cloud, you can display prices to individual customers down to the penny and request individual prices from your customers.

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Manage shop content & campaigns

Category, brand or marketing pages, easily customize your content and landing pages yourself via content management and place strategically important SEO and metadata. Without any programming skills. But even more elaborate content or custom campaign pages can be easily integrated into the Lyska Cloud store itself.

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Segmentation on the supplier & customer level

Your customers could not be more individual and your store software should be able to map the individual agreements. Whether customer-specific payment methods, assortments & product visibility or special store content as well as customer-specific contact persons and contact details. Lyska Cloud can be configured for your customer groups on a granular level.

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State of the art Online shop

Whether B2C or B2B, the Lyska Cloud stores offer a comprehensive range of functions to respond quickly and effortlessly to today's customer needs in digital sales. Whether mobile, tablet or Desktop: both stores are device-independent callable and seamless usable..

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Easy integration of legacy or third-party systems

Whether existing systems or third-party software, Lyska Cloud offers you an easy way to integrate the data needed for your use case into the system in a simple and straightforward way..

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Events and Notifications

Notify your users about price changes, assortment changes, availability, shopping cart changes, product list changes, new prices regarding e.g. price request, inactive products, out-of-stock and much more.