We are future shapers. And as technology is emerging constantly, we are too.

As a young and agile software company, we foster a healthy remote first culture. Our team is distributed all over the country and we keep our communication flowing via Slack, hangouts and of course with real life interactions.
You can find our Headquarter in Offenbach, Frankfurt which is not only used for working but also for gatherings, conferences and as a place to have a good time.

Moritz & Yves von Lyska

Change is the result of all true learning and together we are pursuing on how to build a sustainable company, that gets everyone prepared for future challenges. This is why we work on improving our product every day to ensure the most innovative and flexible usage for every thinkable front end application. And while we’re on it, we jump at the chance to also shape our work environment and the future of work. 

We invest in our people because we believe they are our biggest value. As individuals we all shape our common culture. We are united but everyone is unique – and that is so rewarding. 

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Company culture does not only define the environment in which we work. It also does have a huge impact on how passionate we do our job and it does shape the outcome, too.

Company culture is basically the personality of a company – our DNA. And at Lyska we value the fact that we constantly comprehend and shape our very own way of working and with that we shape the future of work.

This includes a variety of elements, including work environment, communication, company mission, value, ethics, expectations, and goals.

Lirim Veliu

Company values

Company values are the set of guiding principles and beliefs that help us function together as a team and work toward a common goal. Having a core set of company values makes it easier to make decisions, quickly communicate principles to clients and customers, and hire employees with the right attitude.

We believe that “success” is…

the result of having a true sense of purpose. Our purpose is to design meaningful technology, develop sincere relationships, and being happy in career and life—not just accumulating wealth.

We believe that technology is…

a tool that should help us to connect more deeply with each other and expand our potential, not something that creates more isolation and barriers between us.

We belive in people.

We believe that creating a thriving, profitable business comes from treating our customers, and team members like human beings and helping them solve their biggest, most painful problems.

We belive that creating…

a sustainable, meaningful impact on the world can only happen by endorsing the strengths of everyone being a part of this and working together to make a difference.